Tricking covid-19 into losing its RNA

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Posted on 27-mar-2020

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Posting and humbly asking for review by scientists in virology, biology etc,

but also any other reader to comment/upvote/downvote the below post.

I got a Master of Science in biology a long time ago, but sysadmin by profession.

Please spread this idea to scientific friends if you think it has validity.

Posting here on Reddit, honestly trying to help fight Covid-19 disease.

— Title —

Proposition: tricking covid-19 into losing its RNA

— Abstract —

Covid-19 adheres onto its target, human cells, using its spike protein

on its outer hull to attach to and infect the human cells.

The human cell allows the attaching by its receptor cells,

which don't recognize the covid-19 spike as alien.

The receptor cells are part of the human cells, functioning as transporter

molecules, helping usual input (e.g. food) and output (e.g. waste) of molecules

through normal body processes.

Covid-19, upon entering the human cell, inserts its RNA, which is like DNA,

and this RNA goes through the stages typical of any virus: abusing the human

cells enzymes and building blocks to make many copies of itself.

Eventually, through the budding off of new covid-19 copies, the human cell's

outer hull's integrity is gone, it breaks apart, releasing even more covid-19 copies.

The new viruses start to repeat the cycle of infection, and the cell's inner fluids end

up in the surrounding tissues.

In the case of covid-19, this release of fluids happening in the human's lungs

cause the severe breathing problems.

— Proposition —

Proposition: by extracting and filtering fluids released by lysed cells of patients

struck by covid-19, one could harness the body's own receptor proteins targeted by covid-19.

Resulting extracted receptor proteins could be mixed with a fluid like blood plasma,

or mixed with inhaler gases, and injected into bloodstream or airstream of patient.

Part of the covid-19 viruses present in the blood, lungs or other tissue would be tricked

into binding to the free-floating receptors, releasing their RNA through the receptor

into the void behind it, having their chance of replicating wasted.

When proven effective, it is imaginable one could synthesize typical receptors via

bioengineering, making the process of generating massive amounts faster and easier.


Michael van Gruijthuijsen

The author has a Master of Science in Biology

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